Dear Wayne and Chris

Although I have thanked you both in person for the great work you did for me when you installed my new Blackwood Kitchen, I wanted to put my appreciation in writing.

I am thrilled with my new kitchen. The finished result is even better than I thought it would be. The kitchen seems so much bigger than I imagined. All my friends were also surprised about the roomy effect you managed to achieve. The workmanship is excellent. Your follow up was terrific. There have been no problems at all with the kitchen. As you know my back disability was the reason for the kitchen to be completely redesigned for ease of use. The input Wayne gave me with his suggestions has proved to be well advised. I now have a kitchen, which I can use easily without having to ask for help. However, it does not look like a disabled kitchen, which it is not, just incredibly well designed. The new cupboards and dishwasher provision you built into the laundry has also been a great improvement.

I wanted to say also that having your old kitchen ripped out while you endeavour to live around it is not easy, in fact it is very traumatic. However, because of Chris and Wayne’s personality and keen sense of humour it became fun and this took away any misgivings I may have had.

Once again thank you for my lovely new Blackwood kitchen, and the difference it has made to my life. It was worth every penny I spent, and along the way I am grateful for getting to know you all at Stevens Prestige Cabinets. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for cabinetwork.

Dear Wayne and Chris

How this past year has flown… and so it is time to wish you and yours, together with all at Stevens Prestige Cabinets, A Very Happy Christmas and Bright and Prosperous New Year for 2002!

Rosalind and I are extremely pleased with the new timber kitchen, bathroom area cabinets and computer/video/office desk unit supplied and installed by yourselves.

After obtaining seven quotations for the new timber kitchen you were selected due to the following:

  • The quoted price being at the lower end but having the most special features.
  • Your willingness to listen to the customer requirements and assist in the overall planning.
  • The only kitchen guys who could plan for the dishwasher to be located under the window where the customer wished it to be.
  • The only kitchen guys who were prepared to build an individual kitchen to the customer needs as compared to others who would not bend from their fixed ideas with fixed cupboard sizes etc.
  • The designer being also the manufacturer and the installer.

When it came to the need to have the bathroom cabinets made, again you listened and supplied the required product.

As for the fixed ideas of the customer regarding the desk unit and the need to be able to close the computer etc from view, you guys overcame adversity and came up with the required end product which met all known objectives.

Please find enclosed additional photos for your “brag book”.

Taking into account the professionalism displayed, the finish of the product and the workmanship displayed during the installation process, Rosalind and I have no hesitation in recommending your business to anyone who enquires.

Dear Wayne and Chris
We are very pleased with the good job which you did in our kitchen. The work which you did was well admired today. All the best for the future !!!! …..